Who Buys Wedding Rings?

History: 03.11.2022 20:40
Who Buys Wedding Rings?
Buying a wedding ring is the first step in every marriage. People do jewelry shopping and choose wedding bands according to their preferences. But the buyer and responsibility differs in ancient times. Also, today we can see many different cultures in different societies. As we all know, groom and bride both need wedding rings. So who buys them? Let’s discuss.

Groom’s Wedding Ring

According to old traditions, bride buys groom’s wedding ring with or without the help of a family. But it is a binary rule. In brief, each couple half is expected to buy for their other half’s ring. 
But nowadays, situations are different. Some couples split the cost of wedding rings. This makes sense if couples combined the wedding expenses. But it doesn’t mean that they have to contribute an equal amount to the band. However, it is good to talk out the situation and come to an agreement. For example one side pays for wedding rings and other side covers other wedding expenses. In some societies, each side buys their own ring. It is all about what works for person and family. 
According to other traditions, bride’s family buys groom’s wedding ring. It is very ancient as a tradition of dowry, where bride’s family gives gifts to groom’s family in exchange for marriage. Some couples are still continuing the tradition. Because groom’s family pays for engagement rings that are more expensive. But in modern world, couples share the expenses together. 

Bride’s Wedding Ring

Again, tradition says that a groom is responsible to buy bride’s wedding ring. Nowadays, it depends on couples. In many cultures, groom pays for both wedding expenses and rings. Because bride’s family is the one who get separated from their daughter. So it will be hard for them to pay for wedding expenses too. It is good that groom buys wedding rings as the man! They can go shopping together and choose the best rings depending on their preference. 
So traditions dictate who should buy engagement bands. In modern world, couples discuss and come to an agreement. Then they focus on tips how to choose the best wedding rings. Each of them deserves good wedding bands. 


In this article, we gave brief discussion about who pays for groom’s and bride’s wedding rings. First of all, there is a difference between traditions and cultures. In some cultures, each half buys other half’s wedding ring. In other cultures, groom pays for all wedding expenses. But nowadays, couples decide on their own or with their families. They make an agreement and buy wedding rings. Mostly, groom pays for all expenses. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do couples pick wedding rings together?
Yes, it is very popular for couples to buy rings together. They choose rings depending on their preferences. It is important to follow some tips such as budget, style, design and others.
  1. When does groom get his ring?
Groom can get his ring before the wedding ceremony. Because, mostly groom buys wedding rings and sees his choice in a store.