What Color Should  the Wedding Ring Be?

History: 05.06.2022 16:51
What Color Should  the Wedding Ring Be?
What color should the wedding ring, which is the most special symbol of love, be? Yeah! One of the circumstances that couples have difficulty in choosing during their marriage journey is the color of the wedding band. Wedding rings reveal models that attract attention with their designs. Wedding bands, which are precious in terms of their meanings, date back to ancient times. However, although they have different names from culture to culture as engagement rings, engagement rings, or wedding rings, their meanings do not change. Wedding rings, meaning alliance, have been used since the Ancient Egyptian Period. Certainly, with the use of precious metals, wedding bands, which kept up with the jewelry fashion that started in the 1800s, have also become one of the indispensable parts of the jewelry world. It officially symbolizes the union of couples. Usually, with the engagement and official marriage process, it switches from the ring finger of the right hand to the ring finger of the left hand. While more than one ring is worn in some cultures, in Turkish culture, it is worn alone or by adding a solitaire to it. These rings are used for a lifetime and form the basis of a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. The fact that it will be used for a long period of time causes wedding rings to be preferred from more durable and valuable metals. Q'EN Wedding Ring reveals the most special seals of love, affection, and loyalty.

Color Of The Engagement Bands

While the wedding ring fashion has introduced different models and designs over the years, it has also added different colors to its texture. Every year, with the development of technology, gold mine has been processed, which can adapt to the determined trend colors, and today, two-color, three-color, and one-color but different tones of wedding ring colors are commonly encountered. One of the most significant points to consider when choosing between these colors for engagement rings, promise rings, and wedding bands is that in continuous use, couples choose shades that can adapt to their daily lifestyles where they will not get bored. Wedding rings can be prepared in various colors for men and women. For instance, you can choose a white gold men's wedding ring or a rose-tone. Therefore, preferences can be made among the jewelry colors used in daily life. Q'EN Wedding Ring offers you the most special shades of loyalty!

Colored Wedding Rings

Couples are undecided from time to time between wedding ring colors. In the circumstances, it's quite easy for Q'EN to streamline their processes. Q'EN Wedding Ring designers have prepared two-tone wedding ring and tri-color wedding band designs for couples. It is possible to find these designs in different setting values and in different designs such as braided wedding rings and stone wedding rings.  Two-tone wedding rings are also prepared in different combinations and presented with suitable options for each couple. Whether rose-tone, white or yellow-tone, each model has been carefully hard-labored. There are many alternatives for wedding ring color choices; a black stony gold wedding ring; often accompanies other colors in designs. The designs, which are also prepared as completely black models, are available as matte or glossy.
White gold wedding ring; It is among the most preferred wedding ring tones of recent years. While white wedding bands are often preferred in two-tone rings, the wedding ring is prepared with white gold metal and creates great alternatives for couples who prefer silver tones in daily life.
Rose-tone, also known as pink or red tones, is one of the warmest colors of love.
Rose wedding ring options are prepared in every model and design, such as models with stones, plain, thin, or thick are offered for selection in a wide range of products. Yellow gold wedding band; is the traditional wedding ring color. This color, which is frequently preferred from the past to the present, especially in classical models, also constitutes the main color of gold. Yellow wedding rings are offered in all models with special designs.
Wedding rings designed in the aforementioned colors are at Q'EN with plain yellow wedding bands, and rose-tone wedding rings with stone, or two-tone combinations!