The Differences Between Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

History: 20.09.2022 11:39
The Differences Between Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring
A wedding ring and an engagement ring roots the beginning of family and partnership. There are many styles of wedding rings and engagement rings whether it is traditional or modern. It is a traditional symbol of marriage when it comes to exchanging rings. So in modern world, people have many questions about wedding ring vs engagement ring. 

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a type of a ring that is given during proposal or when couples decide to get engaged. It is a traditional way of first date and presents the promise of marriage. Usually the ring has a dominant stone set in number of band types. But as it evolves, there are many choices such as cluster rings, three-stone rings and bands with wedding ring style. The classic engagement ring is a popular one that most couples choose and order before engagement. Archduke Maximilian is the one who used first diamond engagement ring. 
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Wedding Ring

Compared to an engagement ring, a gold wedding ring is a type of a ring that couples always exchange during the wedding ceremony. It is considered as an official symbol of marriage. Also, it was considered a symbol of love in Egypt. This ring is worn on ring finger with various colors and style. Because for centuries, couples believed that ring finger had a direct run to the heart. 
In traditional cultures, couples used to wear both rings together. Also, they used to solder them together to make it one piece. In modern days, we usually see couples wearing wedding rings and engagement rings on separate fingers and add additional rings to make it stacked. This is a unique way of wearing especially for women. 
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Features and Prices Of Wedding Ring And Engagement Rings

While engagement rings are decorated with gems and large stones, wedding rings usually have simple style. It is usually made from metal details such as set diamond, pave and milgrain. The weight of the wedding ring is less than engagement ring even there is a gemstone on wedding band. Also, there is a specific price difference between wedding rings and engagement rings. It depends on quality of material, uniqueness and band type. 
Gold Engagement rings were not traditionally made from diamonds until 20th Century. But wedding ring is a diamond based ring that is worn  at wedding ceremony. 

How to Wear Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring?

In most traditional cultures, couples used to wear both rings on the same finger. It is a fourth finger of left hand also known as ‘ring finger’. History shows that it was a symbol of love in Egypt to exchange rings. They believed that vein in fourth finger runs to heart directly. So it is considered as a commitment and pledge of love. Romans took this tradition and made it popular by spreading throughout Europe.  

Before the Wedding

An engagement ring is given after couples receive an engagement. So the couples wear it on ring finger. This practice shows that two families decided to engage their children to get married with each other and until the wedding day, it is a sign that a man and a woman are already engaged and wedding is close. But couples can’t receive or wear wedding rings until the wedding ceremony. 

During the Wedding

At the wedding ceremony, couples receive wedding rings and exchange it to represent a binding and make commitment. During this exchange, couples wear engagement rings on their right hand ring fingers so that exchanged wedding rings can be worn on original ring finger (left hand). Because as a traditional culture, wedding ring is for eternal love and relationship.

After the Wedding

After the wedding, many couples tend to wear engagement ring back to left hand ring finger, initially to wear them as a pair. When couples decide to do that, bridal sets is the best choice as it is designed to match two rings. This will make it easy to wear and prevent all unnecessary rubbling. Some couples choose to solder these two rings together in order to prevent twisting and movement. 
In modern days, couples tend to wear only wedding rings. They also add bands to make it stacked. 
Having said that, a wedding ring and an engagement ring both represent love and commitment of couples. But it is easy to see the difference with style, look and features. An engagement ring has more intricate style and design. This is why many women don’t wear it unless there is a special occasion. But wedding ring is made simpler without any center stones.  
Do you need both rings?
It is a personal preference whether to wear both rings. Some prefer traditional look and wear them as a pair. Some couples wear only wedding ring after the ceremony. If you want to combine them and wear together, you need to compare the metal type, color and other features. Jewelers provide service to assist with matching two different rings or you can choose a bridal set which is a ready set of wedding ring and engagement ring. This is a good way to have a fit rings. 
While some men choose to wear only a wedding band, a few of them wear both. Women usually tend to wear both wedding ring and engagement ring. 

   Frequently Asked Questions; The Differences Between Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

  1. Is there any difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? 
While an engagement ring is worn during marriage proposal, a wedding ring is worn during the wedding ceremony. A wedding ring is very simple but an engagement ring has more intricate design. A wedding ring symbolizes that couples are already married. On the other hand, an engagement ring signifies that couples are engaged yet.
  1. Why an engagement ring is more expansive than a wedding ring?
An engagement ring features large diamond and other intricate details. But metal rings are simply made with metal band with small diamonds. 
  1. How do you wear a wedding ring and an engagement ring?
While some people tend to wear them together on ring finger, some prefer to wear a wedding ring on the left hand ring finger to make it close to the heart and an engagement ring on right hand. Compared to women, men usually don’t wear an engagement rings after the wedding ceremony. 
In this article, we explained the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Couples wear an intricate engagement rings when they get proposal. Later on they wear simple wedding rings at the wedding ceremony by exchanging the rings. There are many differences when it comes to price, details and design. In overall, both rings symbolize love and commitment between couples. Also, these are the signs of engagement and marriage.