The difference Between Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings

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The difference Between Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings
Usually, it is not always clear whether a specific ring is made for men or women. There are ‘unisex models’ that are suitable both for men and women. These are called ‘couple rings’. The difference on these rings is only size. Because the design and style is the same. However, there is a big difference in other rings. Since men and women are physically different , it is easy to identify whether it is for men or woman. Also, their choices are different because of their natural characters and genders. In this article, we are going to explain the differences between wedding rings for men and women. Also, we are going to give some tips to recognize the rings.  

Wedding Ring Size is a Factor

Since men’s fingers are usually bigger and thicker compared to women’s, size is a first eye catching difference. This is why same ring with same design will have larger ring made for men. Usually, men’s rings have sizes 8 to 14. Most popular ones have 9-11. Women’s rings range from 3 to 12. Also, 6-8 is the most typical sizes that women choose. According to these stats, we can see there is an eye catching size different between women’s fingers. Because while men’s range between 8-14, women’s start with 3 ranging up to 12. So many women have very little size of fingers. Men’s fingers are usually quite similar. 
Also, men’s rings don’t have any fragile settings that can be damaged during activities. 

Stones are different in stones wedding rings

Precious stones are the adornments of rings. Especially when it comes to weddings rings. The difference between men’s rings and women’s rings from stone view, is that they have different colors. You can try to know the owner of a ring by looking at the stones wedding rings. For example, stones with light shades are made for men. Meanwhile, women tend to choose colorful inlays such as green emeralds, red rubies and blue sapphires. Men mostly like dark colors with calmer color details. So we are all sure that we never see men wearing rings with colors of a rainbow. 
If they want a diamond on their rings, men mostly choose single crushed one, while women tend to prefer more with shiny details. 

Metals of Rings

Usually, there is no big difference in metals of rings. Both men and women wear rings with gold, silver or other metals. But usually women wear yellow gold more than men. We all know that men will not wear rose gold as well. These kinds of metals are versatile ones. In Asian countries men mostly wear gold wedding ring set. 

The Design Of Wedding Rings

The design of the ring is a big factor when it comes to men and women. While men tend to like and choose simple designs, women love complex designs with adornments and shiny colors. Also, you can see bolder designs. There are many types of designs that are chosen by both genders. If a ring has an engraving feature, it mostly belongs to men. But women tend to choose swirly and fancy engravings. Women’s ring features complex settings and intricate details. 
In the past, while wedding rings were more adorned, the engagement rings had attention and more details. But wedding rings also began to have some details. So it changed the whole thing and men’s jewelry started to have different styles. Today, couples tend to choose matching rings. 

The weight 

Commonly, while men’s rings are heavier and massive, women’s rings are mostly little. You can find heavy and light version of the same ring. You can make conclusion with burliness and weight of the ring. 

There are many categories of wedding rings both for men and women in Q’EN Rings as follows:
  • Mid-Weight Wedding Rings
  • Square Wedding Rings
  • Classic Engagement Rings
  • Braided Wedding Rings
  • Simple Wedding Rings
  • Unique Wedding Rings
  • Stone Wedding Rings
  • Half Eternity Rings
  • Eternity Wedding Rings
  • Huge Wedding Rings
  • Handmade Wedding Rings

       Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a difference between men’s and women’s rings?
Yes, there is a big difference in size, design, stones and weight of rings.
  1. Are ‘wedding rings’ same for men and women?
There is a size different in wedding rings since couples tend to choose same design for a wedding rings.
  1. What metal do men and women prefer as a ring?
While men mostly prefer silver metals, women like shiny yellow gold and rose gold metals.
In this article, we gave brief explanation about the differences between rings for men and women. As we mentioned above, there is a big difference when it comes to size, metal, stones and design of the ring. Men tend to choose simple and large rings, meanwhile women prefer more complex and detailed rings. Also, it depends on the type of rings. For example, couples choose wedding rings with the same designs. Only, there is a size difference. But when they buy normal rings, men prefer not to be flashy. On the other hand, women always like shiny, flashy and detailed rings.