Symbolism of Engagement rings

History: 03.11.2022 20:35
Symbolism of Engagement rings
Just like wedding ring, an engagement ring symbols specific value and process. It has become a stable feature in most relationships. Today, it is viewed as a symbol of commitment and promise of a marriage ring, but that is not how it started out. So in this article, we will gave brief explanation about the symbolism of an engagement ring. 

Meaning Of The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring reflects an understanding and an agreement of an independent marriage. It is a reminder of love, commitment and promise to be together. Also it informs about upcoming wedding ceremony. Because when we see someone wearing an engagement ring, we can understand that marriage and wedding ceremony are close. Compared to wedding rings, these rings tend to have intricate designs as the most expensive piece of jewelry. However, an engagement ring is not a must. It has become popular these days. Because wedding rings have big history. 
The meaning comes from its gemstones, shape and customization. Here is the brief information: 
  • The circle shape of the ring symbols an equal relationship without end and the beginning. It represents an everlasting love.  
  • The design adds another symbolism to the ring. A three stone engagement ring signifies the past, present and future stages of a couples journey together. 
  • Gemstones of an engagement ring adds beauty and sparkle to the design. Each of them is associated with certain significance and concepts that make them symbolic. So couples choose them for their meaning. For example, diamonds represent everlasting sparkle, beauty and durability. Sapphire is known for its royalty. Pearl is designed for luster and shine. 
  • The finger is traditionally signifies the vein that runs directly to the heart. It is called vena amoris that signifies love as a connection to one’s heart. 
  • Personalization is an important feature that couples can have. They can add special quote, meaningful symbol and engraving by choosing stones, design and others. 

Still in fashion?

Yes, engagement rings are still fashionable. It is a young tradition. Traditionally, handing over an engagement ring was reserved for aristocrats willing to marry rich citizens. Because it was very expensive for normal people. With the economic increase in 1950s, salaries got better and more people started affording an engagement rings. So the trend where a man surprises his partner to propose and marry, remains unbroken today. For years, it has had evolution in design, meaning and popularity. 


In conclusion, we can say that an engagement ring is an inseparable part of marriage and love. It is dedicated to commitment, promise of a marriage and everlasting relationship. Today, it is a popular culture in wedding processes. Couples buy it to signify marriage agreement and remind upcoming wedding ceremony.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who wears an engagement ring?
It is a personal choice. Mostly women wear it as a set with a wedding ring.
  1. What are the two rings for marriage?
A wedding ring and an engagement ring are the common rings for marriage. They are worn as set by many couples.