Popular Turkish Jewelry and Wedding Ring Tradition

History: 22.09.2022 20:47
Popular Turkish Jewelry and Wedding Ring Tradition
Turkish jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry styles in the world. It has a popular history that presents large manufacture and jewelry market with high quality jewelry industry. For hundreds of years, Turkish jewelry has played an important role in jewelry by providing beautiful jewelry types such as wedding ring, earring, necklace, diamond, bracelet, pendant, chain, platinum, engagement ring, anklet and more.Q'en Wedding Rings are biggest engagement ring wholesaler in Turkey. It has big experience that provides quality in affordable prices. Today, Turkish jewelry is a choice for people around the world. Turkey has big market chains in jewelry. You can find thousands of jewelry stores online and in cities like Istanbul.

Brief History of Turkish Jewelry

Turkish jewelry has a large history that has been passed through generations until today. Master jewelers has been utilizing methods through ages. The core of Turkish jewelry is an Anatolian jewelry. The main center of Anatolian jewelry in Turkey is Istanbul. Since Turkey witnessed civilizations such as Phoenicians, Thracians and The Ottoman Empire, it gained large experience and rich content in jewelry. In 16th century, The Ottoman Jewelry reached its peak and golden age. There was used various types of materials such as metals, wood, bone and leather. Ottoman women used to wear earrings, gold bangles and pins. Jewelers used to fashion jewelry with colors. Especially, Turkish Jewelry Ring has been one of the most famous in the world since Ottoman jewelry. Talented jewelers used stones like ruby, turquoise and emerald sapphires. 
The Anatolian jewelry in Turkey can be found dating from between 7000 and 5000 BC in ancient cities like Diyarbakir, Asiklarhöyûk and Çatalhöyük. So jewelry evolved over time and reached its peak. Today it produces large amount of jewelry and exports as well. 

Jewelry Stores and Choices in Turkey

There many jewelry stores in Turkey with its rich and ancient jewelries. You can find many types of jewels such as wedding ring, earring and necklace. Most of jewelry stores with ancient roots are based in Istanbul. If you look for high quality Turkish jewelry, it is suggested to buy handmade jewels. Turkish jewelers use gemstones on jewels. 
Turkish Bridal jewelry is one of the most popular styles in Turkey. Most people use these styles for their wedding and marriage ceremonies. 
There are thousands of Jewelry stores that provide multiple choices. You can find jewelry stores and companies online and check their services. The most known jewels are wedding rings and an engagement rings.
 There are many wedding ring categories. Q’EN Rings offer categories such as:
  • Plain Wedding Rings
  • Mid-Weight Wedding Rings
  • Square Wedding Rings
  • Classic Engagement Rings
  • Braided Wedding Rings
  • Simple Wedding Rings
  • Unique Wedding Rings
  • Stone Wedding Rings
  • Half Eternity Rings
  • Eternity Wedding Rings
  • Huge Wedding Rings
  • Handmade Wedding Rings
It offers different colors and ring styles for both men and women. 

Wedding Ring Tradition in Turkey

With the influence of western culture, there is a wedding ring tradition in Turkey as well. Couples wear an engagement rings and wedding rings when they get engaged and married. Wedding rings are won on ring finger of left hand after the wedding. Because some believe that fourth finger of left hand runs directly to the heart. So they do this as a symbol of being close to heart, love and commitment. Many couples prefer to wear both rings on the same finger. Especially women tend to wear stacked rings. 

       Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Turkish couples wear wedding rings?
It is a tradition for Turkish people to wear wedding rings after couples get married. It is a symbol of marriage and new beginning of a family. 
  1. What is a traditional Turkish ring?
Turkish wedding ring is also known as ‘puzzle ring’ or ‘harem rings’. It is a popular engagement ring. Some people separate rings to make one large ring.
  1. What is the center of Turkish jewelry production and trade?
Since jewelry culture of The Ottoman Empire, Istanbul and Diyarbakir has been the center of Turkish Jewelry as the Anatolian jewelry. You can find thousands of jewels such as wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings and necklaces in Istanbul and other cities.


In this article, we explained the history of Turkish jewelry, its origins and wedding ring tradition. Turkish jewelry has large jewelry value that passed through generations. You can find many jewelry stores and jewels with high quality. When it comes to wedding rings, there are a lot of choices such as Eternal Wedding Ring, Classic Engagement Ring and Simple Wedding Ring. Turkish couples wear them after the wedding ceremony.