How Wedding Rings Changed Over Decades

History: 20.09.2022 12:30
How Wedding Rings Changed Over Decades
The wedding rings and engagement rings have been changing every decade over the years. However, some designs are still keeping its timeless feature. Since 1920s, emerald-cut stones have slipped out of fashion. In the other hand, Asscher diamonds surged in popularity. When it comes to round stones, they have remained essential in the wedding ceremonies. In this article, we are going to discuss how wedding rings evolved and changed over years. 

1920s: Engagement Rings With Diamond Halos

In 1920s, wedding rings with geometric shapes were very popular. Especially, Asscher diamonds and Emerald-cut were common since they had diamond halos. 
The designs of engagement rings in these years were more minimalistic and geometric, less feminine and extravagant. Jewelers used geometric shaped such as circles, squares and rectangles. 

1930s: Bands Shaped Like Ribbons

Throughout these years, wedding rings tried to evolve as it existing during Art Deco period. There were bands shaped like bows or ribbons. They used to put diamonds as centerpiece. 
Also, this decade had many rings such as Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Simple. 1930s were a decade of self expression and hope, so rings had decorative details like scallops, engravings and diamonds. 

1940s: Round-cut Diamonds

In 1940s, round stones were very popular. Yellow gold and rose gold also rose in popularity as there were limited platinum in US because of World War II. Diamonds also weren’t available and jewelers recycled them from older ones. Wedding rings of these years were dramatic and beautiful. There were some ring styles such as Synthetic Gemstones, More Metal- Less Gemstone and Intriguing Designs. 
These rings had geometric designs but different from Art Deco that was in 1930s. 

1950s: Pear-shaped diamonds

In this decade, stackable bands took place in fashion with its shaped diamonds. It featured a trio of bands in various types of gold.  

1960s: Asscher-cut Diamonds

This wedding ring had distinct square shape that became very popular in 1960s. Art Deco’s of return happened in this decade. There was an engagement ring that featured emeralds and diamonds with colored gems.
At first, platinum was used to make Art Deco rings. But, sterling silver and white gold became popular in these years. 

1970s: Emerald-cut Diamonds

In this decade, brides started matching their wedding rings with an engagement rings. Many of them had rose gold wedding rings and yellow gold. This style of rings are still popular in these days and even it is worn by celebrities.

1980s: Colorful Diamonds

Yellow gold bands and round cut diamonds were very popular in these years. They featured sapphire gemstones. Because of its popularity, many replicas were made. 

1990s: Rise of Grunge

With the rise of grunge, wedding rings became sharper and bolder. There were fashionable rings such as Marquise-cut diamonds. Yellow-gold bands. It was made of platinum and white gold. 

2000s: Princess-cut Diamonds

Many couples chose an engagement rings with stones and diamonds. Princess-cut also became popular and in demand just like in 1960s. Also, there were variety of rings such as Extra Bling, Emerald Cut Diamonds and Cushion Cut Diamonds.

2010s: Cushion-cut diamonds

This kind of wedding rings are still in the market and very popular. It has a feature of square shape with rounded corners.

Today: Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are in demand because of its skinny bands and large diamonds. Usually it is set horizontally and vertically. Couples can wear it as a pair with their engagement rings. You can design your own ring online and order before wedding ceremony. 
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      Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I find a wedding ring from 1960s?
 Yes, you can find many styles of wedding rings from 1960s. 
  1. What is the reason behind limited platinum wedding rings in 1940s? 
In 1940s, platinum was limited during World War II. This is why wedding rings were made from gold and diamonds. 
  1. When did men started wearing wedding rings in America?
Men didn’t wear rings until 1940s. Then in World War II, it was a custom to wear rings as they reminded soldiers their wives. 


In this article, we briefly explained and provided information about how wedding rings changed over years of decades. We can see that there is a large change in the shape and features of rings. But still, some classic and traditional wedding rings are still in demand and very popular. Customers can find any kind of rings from best sellers.