How Wedding Rings Are Made

History: 22.09.2022 20:39
How Wedding Rings Are Made
Everybody is interested in manufacture of wedding rings. Because they love that shiny and sparkling rings. The making of a wedding rings is an art itself. It requires focus and detailed manufacture. In this article we are going to discuss some manufacturing processes to explain how those shiny wedding rings are made. 

Making a Band 

In the ancient times, jewelers would hit metals in order to give it another shape. It keeps it dense and tough. But today, with the help of new technologies, jewelers manufacture wedding rings with strong machines easier than before. Machines don’t just make it easy, they also provide tons of choices and possibilities. This is why we can see thousands of wedding rings. Machines put extreme pressure on metals, golds and platinum to bend it with force and give desired shape. 
After this process, they close up the band to build a circle and use same material filler to solder point where end meets. Then they erode any excess flux out of band. After that it requires some buffing and polishing to make it fit for the finger. This is a popular method of making classic wedding band. This method is limited as it doesn’t allow to make complex designs.

Casting Model: Making Complex Designs

Casting is a high level method that allows to make complex designs. It is a process of pouring the metal into a mould. Traditionally, jewelers used to make it with hands but in today’s technology it is made with machines and computers. Computer Aided Design has opened new opportunities and personalized jewellery. Now couples can design their own wedding rings.   
After the pouring process, they plunge the metal to cold water for cooling. Then they do quality check to check the ring for porosity. Because there maybe air bubbles that appeared during the process. It can leave the metal weak. Machine bent usually makes durable rings. If it is an engagement ring design, a stone setting must be added.


A jeweler applies microscopic layer of rhodium to plate white gold rings. This process is done to make the metal shiny, smooth and give it bright sheen. It is possible to have it re-plated begins to look worn. 

Features and Designs Of Wedding Rings

A plain band of metal is a popular one for a wedding ring. This is why some people choose to personalize and take some steps. Mostly, they set diamonds into metal to make various designs. But cubic zirconia stones are cheaper choice that have the same visual effect. 
There is a popular design feature called engraved wording for wedding rings. It is the most available design feature. Since a couple wedding ring has a romantic meaning, couples can have engraved their names of each other to be always close. These days, engraving process is done with laser, machine and also with hand. While some metals such as zirconium and titanium need laser engraving, other metals like platinum and gold need machine engraving. 
There are many choices of practices to make the ring that fits couples. 

Traditional Way 

In traditional way, they cut chosen metal to size. This is the time to give any texture to the band. In order to finish the texture, it is important to choose a hammer. After the desired cut, it is the time to shape it by using ring triblet. Manufacturer bends the metal around the triblet and gives it a shape using jewelry hammer. Pressure is an important part to make the ring shank. 
After ring shank is shaped, now the claw must be designed to hold the diamond. The diamond’s cut determines the shape of the claw. The finished claw must be polished and soldered. A quality triblet can be used afterwards for any further bending and shaping. In modern technique, a wax casting is used to carve the model of the ring. 
Q’EN Rings makes tough and beautiful weddings with various styles. There are many categories as follows: 
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       Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a common process of making a wedding ring?
The brief process of making a wedding ring is explained as follows: building a design, making wax model, giving size, pre-polishing, setting stones, polishing and quality check.
  1. How are wedding rings manufactured?
There are steps to make wedding rings. Jewelry designers use wax casting to carve a model. This process of manufacture needs sizing, shaping and polishing. It depends on the type of the rings.
  1. How long does it take to make a wedding ring?
It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to make a wedding ring from the start.
  1. How to make a wedding rings by hand?
Handmade rings are made by soldering the pieces, sawing, carwing and shaping. All diamonds and other details are put by hands.
In this article, we explained brief details about how wedding rings are made. There is a traditional way and modern techniques as well. It is an art of producing something shiny and beautiful that has an important role in building healthy marriage. There are many processes such as sizing, shaping, plating, casting and designing. In today’s opportunities, couples can design their wedding rings according to their wishes and choices.