How to Determine Wedding Ring Size?

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How to Determine Wedding Ring Size?
One of the exciting questions of the journey to marriage is "How to determine the wedding ring?" is happening. At the beginning of all processes that start with the marriage decision, there is a "Yes" answer. After this answer, all the ceremonies are passed step by step. But there is such a symbol of the marriage journey that; depicts love, loyalty, and affection. It becomes the symbol of eternal unity and light. These symbols are the seals of love, wedding, engagement, and promise rings. The basis of the ceremonies is symbolized by the mutual wearing of these rings and the making of many spoken or unspoken promises, which the partners carry on their fingers for a lifetime. The story of the rings, which are so special and meaningful, also dates back to ancient times. The seal quality of wedding rings that have survived from the Ancient Egyptian period to the present day also started in ancient times. Later, with the developing technology and fashion trends, they have transformed into timeless designs by reaching many different forms. The most important stage of wedding rings, which is the first step of the happy union of the couples, is their selection stage.
The most important step will be the size of the wedding ring. It is of great importance that the measurements are exact in order to feel much more special when the rings that will surround the finger are first placed on the fingers.  The full wrapping of the wedding ring will make it feel much safer and eliminate any problem of being loose or not being able to fit on the finger as narrowly. For this reason, the wedding ring finger size must be taken exactly. Thus, at the most special moment when the rings are worn, the couples wedding ring will be worn on the fingers with great confidence, without any doubt or concern about the size.
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Wedding Ring Size Measuring

Wedding rings are seals of fidelity. It comes in thousands of varieties and models. Sometimes it is possible to find plain wedding rings, sometimes with stones, classical or completely special design wedding ring sets. Couples take care to choose the most suitable designs or models by customizing their love and eternal union. Although this selection process is confusing and intense, since each category and each feature will reveal a different quality, couples will have come a long way when they basically answer questions such as what model, how many carat wedding rings, and what color they will be. At this point, the most important detail is to make sure that the wedding ring model provided is the right choice for couples. For instance, taking daily life as a reference when making a choice; If the daily jewelry is with stones, and in yellow colors, it can be a very right step to look at the yellow wedding ring models with stones. Likewise, if products in classic or other jewelry categories are used in daily life, an inappropriate choice will be avoided by choosing accessories close to these accessories. The most important point to be considered after the partners on the marriage journey have chosen the union seals will be the ring sizes of the wedding rings. While choosing the wedding ring numbers, of course, Q'EN Wedding Ring specialists inform the couples in the most accurate way at this point and make the most accurate preparations for the fingers. But if you can't get an expert opinion , there are many available methods for this. A standard wedding ring size chart or a ring size chart has been prepared by experts, which should be known basically. From here, the ring size corresponding to the finger size diameter can be easily determined.

How to Measure Finger Size?

There are many methods for finger measurement. The wedding ring set chosen for couples should be exactly on the finger of both the man and the woman. If it is loose or narrow, it may require a repeat operation. Therefore, a correct measurement in the first step will bring a happy ceremony. Just like any other shopping, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size for the person. That's why the wedding ring size calculation will be activated. First, the diameter of the ring finger is calculated. Thus, the corresponding value can be calculated on the measurement table. Dimensions should be calculated in millimeters. Men's wedding ring sizes and women's ring sizes are different from each other. For example, you will perform finger measurement at home; The inner diameter measurement of the currently used ring should be taken with a tape measure or rulers with millimeter values. Choosing the method to be made with a ruler or tape measure will protect the surprise, especially for the rings that will be a surprise. To the extent made with a tape measure or ruler; This measure is determined by wrapping the finger diameter with a piece of string or paper and then marking at the point where they join. Then, this measurement is calculated with the help of a tape measure/ruler. The millimeter calculation is equal to the corresponding ring unit in the size chart.

How Do Ring Size Work?

Regardless of the models for wedding rings, for instance, square wedding rings, classic wedding rings, or rose wedding rings, the sizes are usually standardized. Sometimes the lowest wedding ring size in women's wedding rings is up to the number 7, but on average, a minimum of 9 ring sizes start. Although the wedding ring sizes take lower or higher values according to the countries, the table is standard.

Online Ring Size

When finger diameter mensuration is done as stated above, it is very easy to reach standard measurement units online. In today's world, the dimensions are easily done without leaving the house or without spoiling the surprise.

Are Wedding Ring and Solitaire Sizes the Same?

When it comes to ring sizes, the measurement is valid for all ring types. The important thing will be the diameter of the finger.

What is the Standard Ring Size?

Some rings are not prepared to be suitable for different finger diameters, but on the contrary, they are adjustable to suit all fingers. On the other hand, standard sizes appear as the ring measurement unit, where finger diameters learned by millimeter calculation coincide with general standards.
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