How To Clean Wedding Rings?

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How To Clean Wedding Rings?
It is very important to clean couple wedding rings to save the same shiny look and quality that will last for years. Also, dirty rings breed ground for bacteria that can cause skin irritation. We all know that we can have them cleaned by professional jewelers. So in this article, we will discuss other tips that can be used at home. 

Dirty rings cause the scratching of stoned and discoloration of metals. Home cleaning is not replacement for professional cleaning, but it will be very good if rings get cleaned regularly. Because we can restore the shine by dislodging surface buildup. But jewelers remove the hard layers of compressed and deep dirt. 

How To Clean The Wedding Ring?

The best ring cleaner is a dishwashing soap. Also, you can find additional supplies such as warm water, a bowl, gentle cotton cloth and soft-bristle toothbrush. These supplies will remove all details. But it is important to keep in mind that we need to stay away from harsh household cleaners. 
Yellow Or white engagement ring can be dirtied by dust, lotion, or perfume. In this case, the best way is to use dishwashing soap and warm water. Soak a ring for about between 20 and 40 minutes, brush it with warm toothbrush and and rinse under warm water. You can repeat this process if needed. In addition to dish soap, you can add shampoo or body wash. You just need to avoid using moisturizing things and paper towels for drying off to scratche the metal. Instead, you can use soft cloth that is made from cotton. 

How Often Should You Clean Wedding Rings?

In order to keep your wedding ring clean, you need to clean it once a week. This will be enough to remove everyday oil and buildup. However, it is very necessary to take the rings to jeweler twice a year incase rings get exposed to a high level of debris. 

What Not To Use When Cleaning A Wedding Band

An improper care will damage a ring. It is a must not to use household cleaners such as acetone, bleach and chlorine. Because the harsh chemicals can break down some of metals. Also, it is important not to use any kind of cleaners such as baking soda, toothpaste and other powered by cleaners. Because they scratch metals, especially gold. 

In addition, it is not recommended to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home. Because jewelers use it to pull the dust away from the stones as professionals. This machine sends vibrations through the water and finishes the process in 3 minutes. But vigorous movement makes stones loose. As a final step, use polishing cloth to polish the ring and make the metal shine. 


In this article, we gave a brief explanation and tips on how to clean wedding rings perfectly. It is important to clean them once a week to keep the shiny look. Also, it is recommended to take rings to jewelry and have them cleaned by details. This will help to make rings sparkle and protect human skin from bacterias. Make sure to choose right tools and clean it softly. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I clean a ring like a jeweler?
You can remove the tarnish by making dish soap mixture and lukewarm water. Soak the ring in this mixture and rub the ring with a lint cloth. 
  1. Is dish wash soap good for diamonds?
Mild dishwashing soap is recommended for cleaning diamonds. But avoid dishwasher detergent. Because  it damages the diamond.