How Are Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings Worn As A Set

History: 03.11.2022 20:28
How Are Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings Worn As A Set
Despite, there are many differences between wedding and an engagement ring, in the end, couples tend to make them set. They wear an engagement rings when they have a marriage contract. On a wedding ceremony, many couples wear both of them on the ring finger. So these two rings can be worn as a set. 

Rings Must Match One Another

There are few customs regarding how to pair an engagement ring with a wedding ring. There is three elements to match: style, metal and stones. Some people prefer match by metals. For others, match by stones is very important, because they prefer a twist on classic wedding ring. On the other hand, it is very tricky to find two rings that match each other. However, since technology has improved, there is a set of two rings. Couples can buy them as a set. Traditionally they wear an engagement ring on right hand finger until the wedding ceremony. At the wedding ceremony, they wear both of them on ring finger of left hand. Usually men don’t wear an engagement rings after the ceremony. 

Wedding Band On Top

The first option is to wear them on traditional ring finger. It means that wedding band is on top and diamond ring goes on bottom. It is a traditional way of wearing rings as a pair. But it doesn’t work with all ring styles and fingers. 

Engagement Ring On Top

You can wear these two rings with the same tradition but an engagement ring on top. Because, maybe it looks better. Many people do it for sentimental reasons. They feel that wearing wedding band on bottom keeps it closer to heart. 

Separate Wearing

Another option is to wear a wedding ring on right hand and an engagement ring on left hand. It is very comfortable for those people who don’t like many rings on one finger. Also, many women don’t have a wedding ring set. So wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring. Maybe the ring is so stunning that it needs to be displayed. 
Engagement rings are usually worn on ring finger on left hand. Because all of them stick to tradition. On the other hand, wedding rings can be worn on any finger. 
In this article, we discussed wedding rings and engagement rings as a set. Couples can wear them both on same fingers or separate fingers. Usually an engagement ring comes on top. But it is important that these two rings match each other in style, stone and metal. Because matching will provide a set sparkle. But mostly, men tend to wear only wedding rings after ceremonies. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which ring goes first as a set?
Traditionally wedding band goes first on left hand finger and the engagement ring is worn on top of it.
  1. Is an engagement ring worn after the wedding ceremony?
Yes, traditionally people wear the engagement rings after wedding ceremonies.