History and Origin of Wedding Rings

History: 20.09.2022 11:32
History and Origin of Wedding Rings
Wedding rings tradition has fascinating history. This tradition stretches to hundreds of years. History shows that the first diamond ring was found in a will of a widow around in 1417. Wedding ring set always have been the symbol of love, romance and commitment. 

First Wedding Rings

History of wedding rings is based on  the adoption of a tradition between countries after wars. In centuries back, Egyptian pharaohs started using rings represent an eternity. At that time, rings were made from various materials such as metals, bones and reeds. At that time, Egyptians worshipped the sun and the moon. Because of their shape and circle, rings considered to be representation of an eternity. Also, they used to believe that open space of rings represented a gateway to the unknown.
 world. When it comes to love, they used to believe in vena amoris, meaning ‘vein of love’ running from the heart to fourth finger. So it was a symbol of binding pledge between couples. After Alexander the Great defeated Egyptians, the Greeks took this tradition and gave rings to their wives and lovers. They used to believe that rings depicted gods of love: Cupid and Eros. After Romans defeated Greeks, they adopted this tradition and started using copper and iron rings in various ceremonies, especially wedding ones. 

European Renaissance: The Tradition Of The Wedding Rings

In the European Middle Ages, Christians adopted wedding rings tradition for their marriage. Some of them had engravings, that caught ire of Church. But Church considered it as overly lavish. This is why they started simplifying them to different styles. Eventually this tradition became a simple wedding ring used by spouses in wedding ceremonies. So during this age, they got rid of extravagance and built simple and effective wedding rings that had meaning. First, they were used as an engagement rings. Couples used to wear one of the hoops during engagements. Then they rejoined them in the wedding ceremony by placing them on bride’s finger. After years of this practice, couples started view union not only as a legal agreement, but something personal that they hoped it would be eternal.  

Wedding Ring Tradition in East World

Western ring tradition started spreading to the East but didn’t have the same approval and popularity. The main distinction between western and eastern engagement ring tradition it that in the early versions Eastern tradition didn’t have that romantic meaning. It was considered only as a physical thing to represent a binding contract. For example, puzzle rings fell apart after any removal. If the spouse is unfaithful, she or he has to take it off. But after years, this western culture increased its influence throughout India, Middle East and Asia. Every culture started putting unique spin depending on their values. Today it exists throughout the world.  

Evolution of Wedding Rings

Since Medieval Times, wedding rings started having precious gems. In 1600s, the fede motive was evolved into Claddagh ring. The final picture was a pair of hands that holds a heart. Poesy rings were very popular during Elizabethan and Renaissance eras. These rings had poets written inside their bands. But Puritan Americans considered it as a meaningless, frivolous tradition. That is why husbands gave thimbles to their wives instead of rings.
In Ancient Rome, women used to wear rings made from bone, copper, flint and ivory to symbolize mutual love or business contract. Engagement rings arrived in America in 1840s. Especially when it comes to diamonds, jewelers had a goal to put many diamonds since diamonds were placed all around rings. In 1950s, wedding rings started to take big part in business and sales. When it reached 1980s, yellow gold became most demanded material for wedding rings since gold wedding rings became inseparable part of  wedding ceremonies. Since then thousands of wedding ring categories has been made, used and sold to represent love, binding and marriage contract.  
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       Frequently Asked Questions; History Of  Wedding Rings

  1. Where and when did wedding rings originate?
History of wedding rings started in Egypt, Rome and Greece in early 4000 BC.
  1. What did ‘vena amoris’ mean in for Egyptians?
‘Vena amoris’ meant ‘vein of love’ run from the heart to fourth finger. So wedding rings were symbol of love and binding between spouses. 
  1. What materials were used in Ancient times?
Jewelers used materials such as gold metals, bones and copper to make wedding rings. 


In this article, we explained the history and origin of wedding rings. We can see the origins in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. This wedding ring tradition began with pharaohs and has come to our days. Today, it is a modern culture that became an important part of wedding and marriage.